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Turn-key email marketing

Through targeted messages, clear calls to action, and robust segmentation we transformed and enhanced this email sales funnel in less than 6 months to deliver a 19% conversion rate.


We built an email funnel that delivered an increase in conversions within 6 months.

The Professional Turn-key Solution is specifically designed to clean your email list and increase conversions through targeted messages based on subscriber intent, bold calls to action and optimized segmentation. 

what we do

If you can’t prove it is working,

you’re doing it wrong.


Clean and organize outdated email lists while optimizing for deliverability and driving more sales through customer retention.  

The client faced being marked as spam by many email providers and drips in sales due to deliverabilty issues and a lack of subscriber engagement.  


The Professional Turn-key Solution used segmentation and engagement to develop drip campaign strategies that moved customers through targeted sales funnels and strengthened engagement with content marketing.



“Vanaye is efficient and will tell you what she thinks honestly. She really knows her stuff and will help you go ahead in your project. Highly recommend.”

Francois, DiVision

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